20 Things To Know About EMPs – Interview w/Dr. Arthur Bradley

If you’re curious about EMPs and want to know more, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we delve into 20 essential things you need to know about EMPs, with insights from the expert, Dr. Arthur Bradley.


Hey there! Today we’re diving deep into the world of EMPs (electromagnetic pulses), and who better to guide us than the eminent Dr. Arthur Bradley, an experienced electrical engineer specializing in electromagnetics. In a world overflowing with misinformation, Dr. Bradley stands as a beacon of knowledge, having penned a book specifically addressing EMP protection. Let’s unravel the mysteries surrounding EMPs and equip ourselves with essential knowledge to navigate this electrifying topic.

20 Things To Know About EMPs – Interview w/Dr. Arthur Bradley

  1. What Exactly Is an EMP?
    An electromagnetic pulse is a potent wave triggered by a high-altitude nuclear detonation capable of wreaking havoc on electronics and power grids alike.

  2. CMEs vs. EMPs: Decoding the Differences
    Dr. Bradley sheds light on the distinction between Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and EMPs, underscoring the looming peril of power grid failures stemming from CMEs.

  3. The Sun’s Wrath: CMEs Unleashed
    Originating from the sun, CMEs have the capacity to disrupt Earth’s magnetic field and power systems, signaling potential chaos on the horizon.

  4. A Shocking Remembrance: The 1989 CME
    Recall the power outage in the US and Canada lasting approximately 12 hours triggered by a CME in 1989, a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities we face.

  5. The Dire Historical Precedent
    Throughout history, more forceful CMEs have materialized, posing a tangible threat should one strike today with full force.

  6. Solar Flares and CMEs: Partners in Disruption
    Solar flares and CMEs often act in concert, with CMEs exhibiting a delayed journey to Earth compared to their solar flare counterparts.

  7. The Invisible Menace: Impact of EMPs
    EMP bursts are unseen assailants, causing widespread destruction to electronic devices and critical infrastructure with ruthless efficiency.

  8. Your Personal Sentinel: EMP Protection
    Arm yourself with EMP safeguards to shield vital electronics from the destructive reach of electromagnetic pulses.

  9. Surviving the Aftermath: Recovery Strategies
    In the aftermath of an EMP event, devising robust recovery strategies is imperative to endure and emerge resilient.

  10. Illuminating Misconceptions: Dr. Bradley’s Insights
    Dr. Bradley, with his three decades of expertise, unravels prevalent misconceptions about EMPs, offering clarity amidst the obscure.

  11. Preparedness Pays Off: The Importance of Readiness
    Proactive preparedness can spell the difference between chaos and order in the face of an EMP-induced catastrophe.

  12. Community Resilience: United We Stand
    In times of EMP-induced turmoil, fostering community resilience emerges as a beacon of hope in navigating the storm.

  13. Navigating the Gridlock: Power Grid Vulnerabilities
    Understanding the vulnerabilities inherent in power grids becomes paramount in fortifying against EMP onslaughts.

  14. Riding the Waves: EMP Mitigation Strategies
    Explore effective mitigation strategies to stem the impact of EMP events, safeguarding against widespread disruptions.

  15. Outsmarting Chaos: Countermeasures Unveiled
    Unveil a repertoire of countermeasures designed to outsmart chaos and navigate the tumultuous aftermath of an EMP incident.

  16. The Stakes Are High: Global Implications
    With the global interconnectedness of today’s world, the stakes escalate, underscoring the imperative of EMP awareness on a grand scale.

  17. A Glimpse into the Future: Emerging Threats
    Peer into the horizon fraught with emerging EMP threats, accentuating the need for continual vigilance and preparedness.

  18. In Dr. Bradley’s Words: Expert Recommendations
    Benefit from Dr. Bradley’s seasoned recommendations, distilled from years of experience and unwavering dedication to safeguarding against EMP risks.

  19. Your Empowerment Journey: Taking Charge
    Embark on an empowerment journey, seizing control of your destiny by arming yourself with knowledge and actionable insights on EMPs.

  20. Conclusion: Enlightened and Empowered
    As we draw the curtains on our enlightening journey through the realm of EMPs, remember that knowledge is indeed power when it comes to navigating the intricate landscape of electromagnetic perils.

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That’s a wrap on our electrifying journey through the enigmatic realm of EMPs with Dr. Arthur Bradley as our guide. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and stay empowered in the face of electromagnetic uncertainties!