Hey guys just a follow-up to the ar9 as A potential uh ultimate survival gun People had questions they wanted to know About these two Red Dot sights by the Way as a reminder this is a PCC pistol Caliber carbine it's a nine millimeter Takes Glock mags really really cool so The reason I have two um red dots here Is I actually use this one for Competition for USPSA Run and Gun stuff Sometimes there's walls barriers with Foot faults that you have to lean around And do a really hard lean and take a Shot and that's just a whole lot easier Than doing this and going off balance if I were using this for a survival gun I'd Probably put an lpvo on low power Variable optic like a one to six uh Scope with a magnified reticle turn it Down to one it acts just like a red dot Quick Target acquisition turn it up to Six you have six times magnification Just like a regular rifle scope but Anyway if you have any more questions I Love to talk about guns drop a comment We'll try to respond to you

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