Ammo weight considerations: rifle or shotgun? @SurvivalDispatchNews is our new channel!

I am thrilled to introduce our new channel, Survival Dispatch News, where we will delve into various topics surrounding survival strategies. In this blog post, I will discuss the crucial aspect of ammo weight considerations when deciding between a rifle or shotgun.

Ammo Weight Considerations: Rifle or Shotgun?

Hello there! I’m excited to dive into a crucial aspect of prepping – the weight of ammo when deciding between a rifle and a shotgun. Let’s explore the practicalities of choosing your go-to firearm for survival situations.


When preparing for unforeseen circumstances, the choice between a rifle and a shotgun can significantly impact your mobility, efficacy, and overall survival chances. Let me take you through the considerations when deciding between these two firearms.

Ammo Capacity:

In survival scenarios, ammunition capacity plays a vital role in dealing with various threats efficiently. Here’s how rifles and shotguns stack up:

  • Rifle:

    • Typically has a higher capacity magazine.
    • Allows for quick and sequential shots.
    • Ideal for engaging multiple targets or long-distance threats.
  • Shotgun:

    • Limited capacity compared to rifles.
    • Requires reloading after a few shots.
    • Offers versatility in using different types of ammunition for various purposes.

Weight and Portability:

The weight of your gear can significantly impact your mobility during emergencies. Let’s break down how rifle and shotgun ammo can affect your maneuverability:

  • Rifle:

    • Long guns tend to be heavier than shotguns.
    • Carrying additional rounds can quickly add to the overall weight.
    • Requires a sturdy sling for comfortable transport over extended periods.
  • Shotgun:

    • Generally lighter than rifles due to their design.
    • Bulkier ammunition can take up more space in your pack.
    • Suitable for close to medium-range engagements without compromising on mobility.

Adaptability and Suitability:

Choosing the right firearm also depends on the environment and the potential threats you might face. Here are some points to consider:

  • Rifle:

    • Offers superior accuracy for precision shooting.
    • Long-range capabilities make it effective for hunting and defense.
    • Requires practice to handle recoil and maintain accuracy under stress.
  • Shotgun:

    • Wide spread of pellets is beneficial in close quarters.
    • Versatile ammunition types for different scenarios.
    • Ideal for hunting small game and home defense.


In conclusion, the decision between a rifle and a shotgun for survival situations boils down to your specific needs, proficiency with the weapon, and the type of threats you anticipate encountering. Assessing factors like ammo capacity, weight, and adaptability will guide you in making the best choice to enhance your chances of survival.


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