Essentials of The Minimalist Survival Kit!

Ready you're supposed to say action oh Action What is the absolute minimum kit that I Need in my bag to take out with me on The lake if I should go for a paddle Board a paddle board Excursion I am You you can speculate all you want about What a guy might need or might not need But until you've actually tested it out In real life scenarios you don't know For sure and the stuff behind me is what I've brought it all fits in this small Little fanny pack here Um and it's just the Bare Essentials I Think that's going to keep me relatively Comfortable this evening it's supposed To get down to around 30 degrees which Is pretty chilly I'm wearing a wetsuit Which I always do in the winter time When I'm out on the water because I Don't often follow in when I'm paddle Boarding but if I do fall in it really Really sucks and if you fall in with um Normal clothes on just whatever your Everyday clothes on like you'd wear if You're maybe canoeing or something you'd Get soaked and then you'd have to go to Shore and you have to dry out and Everything and be kind of a pain in the Neck Um if not if not just a dangerous Situation so Um I wear a wetsuit and that's pretty

Much all the clothing I've had I have The scenario is essentially that I've Gone out for the day paddle boarding and For some reason whatever reason there is I can't make it back and I've got to Spend the night out a small lightweight Pair of gloves some duct tape that could Be used for all sorts of things but the Primary reason that I brought this is if I was to dig up my paddle board I could Repair it I've got a headlamp For one navigating on the board at night If I should need to or just seeing Around camp for whatever reasons keep People from hitting me with their with Their boats a life straw so I can drink Straight out of the lake It's a few rations just some bars jerky And a coffee A metal cup with a lid which has kind of The meat and potatoes of of my kit my Survival kit We'll go over that in a second I've got A down puffy jacket that I could wear Over top of my wetsuit A life jacket because I have to carry One and this could also work really good As a nice pillow for me this evening and Then a dry bag to put my puffy jacket in In case I was to go in the drink it Would keep it nice and dry now in this Tin here this is like I said the meat And potatoes this is where all the good

Stuff is Um the absolute Essentials if I was Going to go out with nothing else I Would take this and it should be able to Suffice at least so I don't die which is You know a good thing Um I've got something to cover myself up With this is an Sol Escape bivvy it's Basically a mylar Coated trash bag and the good thing About these is that they are completely Waterproof and the mylar reflects a lot Of your body heat and traps a lot of it Inside the bag the bad thing about these Is they're 100 waterproof and all of the Condensation moisture from your body Coming off of you stays inside of this Bag and if you've ever slept in one of These which I have To wake up and you were just damp from Head to toe you're not soaking wet You're not dripping or anything like That but you're just damp and if it's Cold outside you've got to eventually Get out of this bag no matter how warm It might be you've got to get out and if You're damp everywhere that's not Enjoyable and could potentially be a Dangerous situation but I'm sleeping in A wetsuit so if I wake up a little bit Wet It's probably not that big a deal this Is a Leatherman Wave lemon wave plus and It's got all the essentials on there

Obviously pliers and a knife a couple Blades actually the serrated one which I Which I almost never use but it's there To cut cordage and things like that Really well Files a small saw set up camp and things Like that but really just you know the Most important thing is that cutting Tool and probably the pliers and also Screwdrivers on there if I need to do Make take the fan on and off of my Paddle board the screwdriver works good For that It's got a couple different ways to Start a fire in here I've got my Ferro Rod nice big half inch one about six Inches long And A lighter this would be my primary go-to But if this should fail for whatever Reason this almost always gets the job Done might take a little bit longer to Process some tender but it always works No matter what this can eventually run Out of fuel the the Flint should could Wear out who knows Got different cordages Mostly this line here this Bank line the Mariners line because it's small and I Can put a lot of it in there and then I've just got probably this might be 15 Feet or so Of paracord And that's pretty much it I can boil

Water in this to keep it get it clean For me so it's safe to drink Out of the lake it's still kind of a Little bit of a risk because They there is a potential for like Chemical runoff fertilizers and things Like that Um so that's why I brought the LifeStraw Otherwise I would just forego this but Luckily where we have chosen to Camp Where we've chosen to Camp is right next To a small little stream which we're so Fortunate in this area those small Little streams like that are are Everywhere and easy easy to find So right now I'm setting up Uh Camp my buddies and I have collected A whole bunch of firewood Collected a whole bunch of fire where They've got their hammocks set up They're sleeping a lot more comfortably Than I am this evening Um and I found this chair in this in the Cove that we pulled into it was Underwater and I saw it and it's broken Just a little bit but overall still Functional and I'm probably not for sure But I may just end up spending the night In that in the chair so it might be more Comfortable than sleeping on the on the Ground here next to the fire I might Just sit up in that chair all night We'll see or maybe switch between Between the two I don't know yet

But that's my very minimalistic kit that I have on my paddle board Easy to carry while you're paddling you Don't even know you're wearing it weighs Maybe I don't know all of that together Five pounds probably and uh I think it's Going to be enough to keep me somewhat Comfortable in the 30 degree weather That we're going to have tonight So I'm collecting a bunch of leaves In my bivvy bag Piling it up here for some insulation Off up off the ground now I understand That it's a risk sleep sleeping next to A fire on a big bunch of leaves However it's a risk I'm willing to take Because That ground is going to be friggin Frigid this evening that's why that Chair might come in handy but but uh if I can get myself insulated from the Ground just a little bit by those leaves It'll be worth it and they're going to Be compressed for me laying on it so the Chances of them just bursting into Flames I think is is very minimal And in my opinion definitely worth the Risk Foreign I was cold but not miserably cold never Shivering I had to keep the fire going For the most part but I woke up several Times with the fire pretty much out so That means I slept okay

The worst part was having to get up and Pee and pull peel the wetsuit off In the 30-something degree weather that Was pretty terrible but other than that Pretty good evening I did not die and Now I'm making coffee and life is is Pretty good Foreign

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