Solo Overnight Survival Instructor Builds Arnolds Predator Trap in The Woods

Welcome to our blog post on the incredible story of a solo overnight survival instructor who constructed an awe-inspiring structure known as Arnold’s Predator Trap deep within the woods. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating journey of this skilled individual and explore the details of this intricately designed trap. Join us as we uncover the determination, resourcefulness, and ingenuity required to build such a remarkable device in the wilderness.


Imagine being alone in the wilderness, relying solely on your survival skills to overcome challenges and prevail. For Arnold, a seasoned survival instructor, building Arnolds Predator Trap in the woods was not just about testing his capabilities, it was about reliving a bucket list item from 36 years ago. In this article, we will delve into Arnold’s remarkable journey, discussing his ingenious trap, the tools he used, and the techniques he employed to recreate a scene from a memorable movie. So grab your gear and prepare to be inspired!

The Predator Trap: Recreating Movie Magic

Creating the perfect predator trap required Arnold to channel his inner MacGyver. With a willingness to push boundaries and a knack for ingenuity, he embarked on an epic venture that would prove both challenging and rewarding.

Step 1: Gathering the Necessities

Before even setting foot in the woods, Arnold meticulously gathered the necessary tools and materials to ensure the success of his project. He acquired the essential supplies from reputable sources such as Corporals Corner website, Etsy, Hardcore Hammers, Amazon, and Facebook, where he found the highest quality items needed to replicate the trap.

Step 2: Deconstructing the Movie Scene

Arnold meticulously studied the predator trap scene from the movie, analyzing every intricate detail. He paid close attention to the mechanics behind the trap’s functioning and meticulously deconstructed it in his mind.

Step 3: Lifting the Log with Precision

To recreate the predator trap, Arnold needed to lift an enormous log with precision while ensuring his safety. He utilized a combination of a barrel hitch and a bowline knot, both essential tools for securing loads and preventing slippage. With these powerful knots, Arnold was able to hoist the log to the desired height, ready for the next step of the process.

Step 4: Securing the Rope with a Prusik Loop

To guarantee the rope would remain in place, Arnold ingeniously implemented a prusik loop, a friction hitch commonly used in climbing and rescue situations. This simple yet effective technique prevented the rope from slipping or loosening, ensuring the integrity of the trap.

Step 5: Building the Makeshift Tree

Creating a sturdy and reliable makeshift tree was crucial for Arnold’s predator trap. Using X braces and an Arbor knot, he constructed a tree across a gorge, providing a solid foundation for the trap. By employing these techniques, Arnold was able to create a structure that could withstand the weight and force required for the trap to work effectively.


In conclusion, Arnold’s journey to recreate the predator trap from a movie was a testament to his resourcefulness and determination. Through careful planning, innovative thinking, and the use of high-quality tools, he successfully brought his bucket list item to life. The predator trap stands as a symbol of human ingenuity and the endless possibilities that lie within us.

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