TACRIG Custom Holsters

Welcome to our blog! In this post, we will be delving into the world of TACRIG Custom Holsters and exploring why they have gained such popularity among firearm enthusiasts. Whether you’re a professional in the line of duty or simply a passionate concealed carrier, TACRIG’s commitment to quality, functionality, and unmatched customization options make them a top choice in the holster market. Join us as we dive into the features, benefits, and unique aspects that set TACRIG Custom Holsters apart from the rest. Get ready to discover the perfect holster to enhance your firearm carrying experience!


When it comes to finding the perfect holster for your pistol, look no further than TACRIG Custom Holsters. With their wide range of options to choose from, TACRIG ensures that you will find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Their holsters are designed with a focus on comfort, functionality, and concealment, making them ideal for both everyday carry and competitions. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of TACRIG holsters. So, let’s dive right in!

Tac Rig Offers a Variety of Holsters for Different Pistol Models

One of the standout features of TACRIG Custom Holsters is their wide range of options. No matter what pistol model you own, TACRIG has a holster that will fit it perfectly. From popular brands like Glock and Sig Sauer to more niche models, TACRIG has got you covered. Their dedication to providing holsters for a variety of pistol models ensures that every gun owner can find their ideal holster without compromise.

Their Holsters Can Accommodate Weapon Lights

Weapon lights are an essential accessory for many gun owners, providing increased visibility in low-light situations. TACRIG understands this need and has designed their holsters to accommodate weapon lights seamlessly. This means that you don’t have to choose between carrying a weapon light and finding a holster that fits properly. With TACRIG, you can have both, ensuring that you are prepared for any situation that may arise.

The Holsters are Designed for Comfortable Concealed Carry

Comfort is key when it comes to a concealed carry holster, and TACRIG understands this. Their holsters are designed with your comfort in mind, allowing for all-day carry without discomfort. The materials used are carefully selected to provide a balance between durability and comfort, so you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other. With TACRIG, you can carry confidently, knowing that your holster will stay comfortable even after long hours of wear.

The Holsters Have a Unique Spring-Activated Clip System

One of the standout features of TACRIG holsters is their unique spring-activated clip system. This system ensures that your holster stays securely in place, even during rigorous movement. The clip is carefully designed to provide the perfect amount of tension, allowing for a quick and smooth draw while ensuring that your firearm remains securely holstered when not in use. This level of security and convenience is what sets TACRIG apart from other holster manufacturers.

The Holsters Have Breathable Holes to Prevent Sweating

Carrying a concealed firearm can sometimes lead to discomfort due to sweating. TACRIG has taken this into consideration and incorporated breathable holes into their holsters. These strategically placed holes allow for airflow, reducing the build-up of sweat and ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the day. This thoughtful design element enhances the overall usability of TACRIG holsters, even in warmer climates or during physically demanding activities.

The Holsters Can be Adjusted for Different Carry Positions

We all have our preferred carry positions, and TACRIG understands the importance of versatility. Their holsters are designed to allow for easy adjustment, accommodating a variety of carry positions. Whether you prefer appendix carry, strong-side hip carry, or any other position, TACRIG has made it possible to find the perfect fit for you. This flexibility ensures that you can carry your firearm comfortably and effectively, no matter your preferred style.

Tac Rig Offers Holsters for Competitions and Everyday Carry

Whether you are a competitive shooter or simply carry for personal protection, TACRIG has the right holster for you. They offer holsters specifically designed for competitions, providing the speed and accessibility needed during high-stakes shooting events. On the other hand, their holsters for everyday carry prioritize concealment and comfort, allowing you to go about your daily life with confidence and ease. Whatever your needs may be, TACRIG has a solution tailored just for you.

Customers are Encouraged to Place Orders with Tac Rig and Mention Step One Survival

To enhance customer satisfaction and build strong relationships, TACRIG encourages customers to place their orders directly with them. By doing so, customers can take advantage of any ongoing promotions or exclusive offers that TACRIG may have available. Additionally, customers who mention Step One Survival during their order will receive a special bonus. This demonstrates TACRIG’s commitment to their customers’ needs and their dedication to providing an exceptional purchasing experience.


In conclusion, TACRIG Custom Holsters stands out as a top choice for gun owners looking for a high-quality holster. From accommodating different pistol models to offering options for weapon lights, TACRIG ensures that no detail is overlooked. Their holsters prioritize comfort, functionality, and concealment, making them ideal for both everyday carry and competition shooting. So, why wait? Visit TACRIG’s website now and find the perfect holster that meets your needs with ease.

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