Ultimate Backpack Gun: Ruger Takedown 1 of 2

All right guys I want to show you one of My favorite bad Guns by the way this is My vertex gamut checkpoint in tiger Stripe and I want to show you something Really cool check this out this is the Ruger PC charger obviously it's a Takedown firearm see if we can get her Put back together here we go this is a Nine millimeter uh pistol uh caliber Firearm you can see I've got a hollison 403 got an SB tactical brace got a Single point sling attachment I really Love this Jawbone tactical mag release As well and it's suppressed by the way This takes Glock mags if you didn't hear Me say it before check this out a lot of Firepower in a small package I've got my Silencer coat Omega 9k suppressor so I Can shoot without air pro think about it If you got to pull your EDC out of your Bag on the spur of the moment use it are You going to have time to fish around Look for Air Pro check out the Ruger PC Charger might be your next bad gun it's One of my favorites

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