Battlbox Mission 101

Welcome to our blog post about Battlbox Mission 101! In this article, we will dive deep into the exciting world of Battlbox and explore the ins and outs of Mission 101. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or simply curious about survival skills and essential gear, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Battlbox Mission 101 and discover how it can enhance your preparedness and survival knowledge. Let’s embark on this thrilling adventure together!


Are you an adventure enthusiast who loves exploring the great outdoors? Do you often find yourself facing unexpected challenges and situations where survival skills come in handy? If so, then Battlebox Mission 101 is the perfect subscription box for you. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of Battlebox Mission 101, a subscription box designed to equip you with essential tools and gear for survival and outdoor adventures.

Step One Survival Website and Patreon Support

Before we dive into the details of Battlebox Mission 101, it’s important to mention that Step One Survival is the brains behind this fantastic subscription box. Step One Survival is a reputable company that specializes in providing high-quality survival gear and knowledge to outdoor enthusiasts. They have a dedicated website where you can find a wealth of information and resources related to survival techniques and gear.

If you’re particularly interested in supporting Step One Survival and their mission to educate and equip individuals with the necessary tools for survival, you can also consider becoming a patron through their Patreon page. By becoming a patron, you not only contribute to their cause but also gain access to exclusive content and benefits.

Amazon and Leatherwork Purchases through Step One Survival

In addition to the Battlebox Mission 101 subscription, Step One Survival offers a range of other products and services to meet your outdoor needs. They have a curated selection of survival gear available for purchase on their website, including items from popular brands like Amazon and leatherwork.

By purchasing through Step One Survival, you not only gain access to a wide variety of quality products, but you also support a company that focuses on providing exceptional customer service and reliable products for outdoor enthusiasts.

SOS Shirts, Mugs, and Stickers Available

If you’re a fan of Step One Survival and Battlebox Mission 101, you’ll be delighted to know that they offer a range of SOS-themed merchandise. Show off your love for survival and adventure with their SOS shirts, mugs, and stickers. These items are not only stylish but also serve as a reminder of the importance of being prepared and equipped for any situation.

Introduction to Battlebox Mission 101

Now, let’s delve into the core of this article – Battlebox Mission 101. This subscription box is specifically designed to equip you with essential survival and outdoor gear, ensuring that you’re prepared for any adventure or unexpected situation. Each month, Battlebox Mission 101 delivers a carefully curated selection of high-quality gear, tools, and resources.

Review of Various Items in the Box

Here’s a look at some of the items you can expect to find in a Battlebox Mission 101 subscription:

1. After Bite

After Bite is a handy item included in the box, designed to provide relief from insect bites and stings. With its fast-acting formula, After Bite alleviates itching and discomfort, allowing you to continue your outdoor adventures without the irritation of bug bites.

2. Gear Straps

Gear straps are a versatile tool that can be used to secure and organize your gear during outdoor activities. These durable straps help keep your belongings in place, ensuring that you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about items getting lost or damaged.

3. Body Armor Pack

The body armor pack is an essential component of the Battlebox Mission 101 subscription. This pack offers protection and durability, featuring netted sections for additional breathability and tie-down straps for added security. Whether you’re exploring rugged terrains or engaging in high-intensity activities, the body armor pack has got you covered.

4. Multi-Tool Knife

A multi-tool knife is an indispensable survival tool included in the Battlebox Mission 101 subscription. This versatile knife is equipped with various features, including a can opener, bottle opener, and hammer, making it ideal for a range of tasks in the great outdoors. Additionally, the knife comes with key bits for adjustments, ensuring that you can make necessary modifications on the go.


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Battlebox Mission 101 is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. With its carefully curated selection of high-quality gear and tools, this subscription box equips you with the essentials for your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re venturing into the wild or preparing for unexpected situations, Battlebox Mission 101 ensures that you’re well-prepared and equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

So, take the first step towards being a true survivalist and subscribe to Battlebox Mission 101 today!