Want to Know How Hard Your Knife Is? Here’s How to Decode Its Rockwell Score!

If you've ever purchased a knife and Found the letters HRC with two numbers On the packaging you're not just trying To tell you what it's made of so let me Decode it for you today on today's Episode HRC refers to the Rockwell hardness Score now this was a method derived so That knife manufacturers could tell you How hard an edge was and the material of The blade without you having to do too Terribly much work now they take a Piston of types and use that to make an Impact on the blade itself and that Tells us approximately how much the Blade can withstand now without getting Too far into the scale what you really Need to know is this you want to try and Stay somewhere between 50 and a 70 Marking anything below 50 is going to be Too soft to really be able to hold an Edge and on the other hand anything Above 70 has the potential to be too Brittle so there you have it there's Your briefing in under a minute

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